How to Contribute

We got a complex development environment with a specific Workflow



Before you can proceed the workflow, make sure you prepared your environment and installed the additional tools needed -> Prepare Environment

  1. Ticket in Trac (needs to be approved)
    1. Get Ticket Number
    2. Assign Ticket to you
  2. Clone Project via Github, Gitlab or Gerrit
    In any case you need to add Gerrit as new remote named gerrit
    git remote add gerrit ssh://
    You'll get the above string from gerrit project site (You need to be signed in)
  3. Prepare local repo
    # checkout new branch named pp_TICKETNUMBER
    git checkout -b pp_TICKETNUMBER
  4. Make changes, commit and push
    # make your changes and commit
    git commit -av
    # the commit message needs to start with the following
    refs #TICKETNUMBER: ...
    # or
    fix #TICKETNUMBER: ...
    # now push to gerrit as Draft, if you only want to
    # save the actual state of your changes
    git review -D
    # or push as finished change which need to be reviewed
    git review
    # after this push go back to master and delete your
    # fix-branch
    git checkout master
    git branch -D pp_TICKETNUMBER
    # now if you want to start working on your draft again,
    # or additional work on your finished change is needed
    # because it was downvoted for some reason
    git review -l
    # now you have a list of all open changes for the project.
    # pick the number of the draft or your downvoted change at
    # the beginning of the line
    git review -d NUMBER
    # now you are in a specific branch representing your draft/change
    # in its last state.
    # if you only want to push the same state of the already pushed
    # draft as finished change, delete your draft on []
    # and push as no-draft again with
    git review
    # if you need to make some changes, just do so and then
    git commit --amend --all
    # this will amend all new changes to the already existing commit.
    # then push again with
    git review
    # repeat those steps until change gets approved
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